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Besst Odds Crypto BettingThroughout this review, you will learn more about Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies as a means of payment for online sportsbooks. You will know more about their reliability and the existing methods of obtaining them, and you will get to choose the best crypto sports betting sites to date.

Thus, you will have all the information you need to bet with digital currencies swiftly, safely, and on the most relevant crypto sports betting sites. This will vastly improve your game experience while also maximizing the utility of bitcoins.

Which crypto betting site is the best?

Before deciding on a website, you must conduct several assessments based on various factors. The first two aspects to consider are the payment and the chances of winning. Understanding the world of betting is essential for determining the scope of the offer and your chances of winning. The welcome bonus is also one of the factors to be evaluated, always considering the rules of the promotions.

Legitimacy and security 

To begin, determine whether the betting provider is licensed and which gambling body is behind it. You should not even consider enrolling with an unregistered provider in these circumstances. In this regard, it is essential to look out for the licenses of reputable gambling authorities.

The online bookmaker should also have an SSL encryption certificate. This ensures that the entered personal data does not reach unauthorized persons. It is also advantageous if two-step authentication can be used, which further increases the security of the game account.

Crypto values ​​accepted

Another factor to examine is the type of digital currency that the bookmaker accepts. These are determined by transaction speed, payment options, and acceptance rate.

Most sports betting sites do not accept all types of digital currency. The little details end up making the difference.


Commissions during the purchase of cryptocurrency are one of the essential aspects to analyze. The offers are multiple, and the advantages can be attractive. Some platforms provide commission-free offers that you could probably be interested in.

Betting options

The methods of sports betting with crypto accepted are multiple. Offshore crypto bookmakers are probably the most popular because they use encrypted values on these sites. In other words, the values ​​are not converted, so you avoid any risk of devaluation.

This modus operandi of digital currency is the one most used by most bettors. However,another popular option is decentralized betting which allows the use of tokens.


Almost every crypto bookmaker offers a sports bonus to new customers and existing bettors. But not all promotions are the same, which is why it is important always to take a very close look at them. Of course, the reward amount plays a significant role, but you shouldn’t ignore the wagering conditions either.

Customer Service

Every new player has questions and faces difficulties, be it the deposit, the payout, or the bonus. As a rule, only one person can help, a customer service specialist. There are many ways to get in touch with client support, but they depend on specific bookmakers and platforms. Therefore, live chat, contact form, email, hotline, or FAQs are the most popular ways to get in touch with a support team.

Benefits of Crypto Bookmakers

As most online operators still use fiat currency for payments and withdrawals, the processing of funds is still a bit slow, even taking a few days. This is the problem that cryptocurrency aims to solve for online casinos and betting sites.

Online casino platforms and bookmakers quickly adopted Bitcoin and the other new digital currencies as banking methods. This was introduced because the payments on the websites have become much easier and quicker and have caused much fewer problems than fiat currency payments.

These sites ensure that digital currencies and traditional money were included in the payment methods for the convenience of their customers. Aside from that, here are the top advantages of crypto in betting that you should know:


Often, the owner of a bitcoin account remains completely anonymous, making it one of the more attractive options. That’s because numerous bookmakers with btc acceptance do not require the identity disclosure. An email has to be provided, which customers can use to log in and contact client support service. Many online bookies do not require even that.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about saving personal details or submitting an ID proof for profile verification. This leaves no traces that could expose you as a bettor, and the Bitcoin bookmaker can never use your data against you or for dubious purposes.

Fast transactions

By using crypto, the funds are deposited directly into the wallet of the user. Bank transfers would normally take 24 hours. With btc and other digital currencies, a maximum of 10 minutes is enough to complete a transaction.

With no middle man handling the process, receiving and sending money is easier and faster.

No limits on withdrawals

For accounts for betting and gambling, cryptocurrencies have the advantage that there is no maximum payout. With regular currency, bookmakers set payout limits and even winning amounts. The problem does not exist with digital currencies. For many players, however, it is not about huge profits or anonymously moving large sums of money back and forth to accounts. It’s all about the freedom, fast payment methods, and the ability to send money directly to another account.


Bitcoin and other cryptographic transactions are unbreakable. Crypto wallets and IDs are secured with a cryptographic key that no one can decrypt. Fraud, identity theft, and tampering with transaction details are non-existent.

BTC along with other digital currencies were invented to make our lives easier and less restrictive. But while these breakthroughs exist to make our lives stress-free, it’s still important to understand the impact on people and how they may impact the economy for years to come.

Unified exchange rate

Before a cross-border financial transaction can be processed, it must be exchanged. Due to approval and exchange complications, players using sites from different countries may encounter delays in getting their funds. Digital currencies are easier to use since they have a universal value that does not require outside clearance or exchange procedures.

More Betting Opportunities

Since betting or any form of gambling is restricted in most countries, payments and transactions related to it are often blocked or not carried out by the banks. But since cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide and do not require banking processes, it is easier to bet on any sport worldwide.

An account (almost) cannot be blocked

The absolute anonymity that exists on numerous platforms means that btc bookies can hardly block your account. So, this is interesting because players can rest assured they won’t be indiscriminately blocked.

What Crypto Sports Can I Bet on?

In general, providers with digital currencies did not differ much from traditional betting sites on the net. So, for most of them, you will encounter a variety of sports and odds. The program ranges from the most popular events to more unusual options such as cricket or dog racing. With bookmakers of this type, you will generally find the following activities:


Soccer is the world’s biggest and most played sport, so it makes sense that it is number 1 on the global list. Due to many unregulated markets, it is impossible to get accurate figures for the global market, especially in bitcoin. Still, with hundreds of millions of viewers for major events.


Online cricket betting is extremely popular among crypto punters around the world.

Boxing and MMA

Boxing has been another sport synonymous with betting for many years. Although it may have been overshadowed by soccer, tennis, and golf, it remains an important sport. MMA is a relatively new sport, but the numbers are growing because of UFC.


Tennis is the third most popular sport to bet on bitcoin online platforms in the world. Now you can bet on who will win a match. This number of combinations makes tennis a very high-frequency sport. Tennis draws also make it an easy low-cost bet.

Horse racing

It is a sport that has been synonymous with gambling for many years, and for most, historical horse racing was the most popular sport to bet on. It’s still a global giant and one of the only sports you can bet on 24/7 in the world, and now also for digital coins.

World Sporting Events

Betting enthusiasts can bet on world championships, Olympic Games, and world cups in different types of sports.


eSports is the fastest growing activity and sports market in terms of betting volume. The growing popularity of eSports is causing bookmakers to adapt quickly or fall behind.

While virtual racing has been around for years, other virtual events have exploded in popularity in the 2020s, with all major bookies offering different bets on eSports matches.

Looking to 2022, we can say with certainty that its popularity continues to rise. This growing volume is rapidly generating revenue in the betting industry.

Using digital currency gives you a greater margin of control using what is arguably the most advanced payment method on the market. When sportsbooks continue to accept crypto payments, it can be said that they are dedicated to the future of technology.

Due to the convenience of transactions, access to money is easier and fees are waived. All in all, the sports betting crypto takes care of the hassle, giving you time to bet online on soccer and the sports you love.

When a bettor first visits an online platform to bet on an online sport, he or she first selects a sport, then finds a favorite tournament or league. After choosing a match, the player is offered a large number of options, where the odds for each outcome are indicated.

In addition to regular bets, most providers also offer live betting with crypto. In this case, you can bet as the game progresses, increasing the excitement to the max. The odds are continuously updated during the game and thus adapted to the course of the game.

Crypto Betting vs. Real Money Betting

But what to do for punters who are used to classical online bookmakers, but are not sure that switching from a fiat platform to a crypto one is the best solution. For this, we’ve gathered the most obvious advantages and disadvantages of crypto betting compared to the standard online counterpart.


Transfer anonymously: Many fans pursue the idea of betting secretly with digital currencies. In fact, because Bitcoin is pseudonymous, a person’s wallet address could be assigned. However, secrecy ends when wins are paid out because confirmation of identification is necessary. Because of their lack of seriousness, providers who do not demand this should be avoided.

Immediate deposit: Bitcoin transactions are processed decentrally via the blockchain. Deposits can be processed and delivered at any time, 24/7. Cryptocurrency is probably the fastest banking method for online providers ever.

No/low transaction costs: The Bitcoin blockchain is extremely efficient, so betting providers can avoid charging their users any transaction costs for the transfer.

Increase in value possible: If you top up your credit in Bitcoin, you could possibly earn money over time until you use the credit. This is possible because BTC is subject to high fluctuations in value and often sharp price increases. However, high losses in value are also possible.

High-security level: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are unique in that they are developed using what is known as blockchain technology. In other words, all transactions are carefully monitored and all information about them is kept in several encrypted blocks that are connected to each other. For this reason, digital currencies are one of the safest online payment methods.


Since digital currencies have numerous advantages, many people think that this is the payment medium of the future. However, we also think it is important that you understand their downsides before you start crypto sports betting.

BTC is a volatile currency: The value of digital currencies can vary greatly from day to day. However, this is not a few cents, so your crypto wallet can lose value significantly within a short period of time. At the same time, of course, this also means that its value can increase.

Crypto bookmakers are not regulated legally: There’s also a chance that some crypto bookmakers will turn out to be scammers or won’t make enough money to stay in business, causing them to go bankrupt. As beneficial as anonymity is, it has the unpleasant side effect of ensuring that some companies have little standards and regulatory requirements.

However, because bitcoins are so swiftly transferred, bettors are not reliant on greater deposits. If you don’t have complete faith in your online operator right away, you can send smaller sums several times – it’s always enough to place the wager. There aren’t many bookmakers that pay out more quickly than digital currency bookmakers.

The future status of cryptocurrency is independent of bank systems and states: Banks and states are unable to regulate these transactions due to the unique design of this method of payment. Individual governments or communities of states may decide to integrate the currency into economic processes more broadly at some point in the future, or they may decide that it is unacceptable. In the first situation, digital money should be able to establish itself swiftly. Customers’ acceptance of crypto may eventually collapse to the point where they have little value and cannot continue on the path to prosperity that is often prophesied today under these conditions.

What Cryptocurrency Available for Online Deposits?

Although bitcoin is almost synonymous with cryptocurrencies these days, that doesn’t mean it’s the only digital currency out there. In fact, bookmakers of this type usually accept multiple digital currencies. Of course, the number varies from provider to provider. However, we have found that there is a certain standard program in this regard, which includes the following currencies:

Bitcoin: In the realm of betting, Bitcoin is the most extensively used currency. It is one of the coins with the highest rate of acceptance. Some bookies give unique BTC deals in order to attract users. Because of the high quality of its services, Bitcoin is the most widely used currency. This banking method allows you to take advantage of a wide range of benefits.

Litecoin: Litecoin has become an alternative currency that many bettors use to play and bet. This digital currency focuses on developing a new gambling concept that offers punters an alternative for use.

Bitcoin cash: Bitcoin Cash is a currency that comes directly from classic Bitcoin, but has a different algorithm, being a crypto and a payment network. It was introduced with the objective of increasing the transactions that can be elaborated.

Ethereum: This cryptocurrency is particularly popular because it allows its users to make secure and covenant transactions. Many bookmakers select the markets where it is possible to bet on events like the NBA, or the Champions League.

Dogecoin: The aim of the creators of this virtual currency was to create a currency accessible to everyone. This currency was born following a joke, on the basis of a meme.

Other cryptocurrencies: Other digital currencies are accepted by current online bookmakers like Monero, and Dash. Other virtual currencies like Cavo, ZCash, FunCoin, CoinPoker, and Monomero are also part of the elite of cryptocurrencies. In such a large and vast market, it becomes essential to know how to orient your choices.

How to Place a Crypto Bet?

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and the adoption of digital currencies is becoming more and more evident. The application of blockchain technology is still in its infancy, but one of its most striking features is its use as a fast, secure, and anonymous payment solution.

Depositing Bitcoin and betting online requires seven simple steps. Let’s take a brief look at what betting with crypto includes before we get started.

To work without central authority or banks, digital currency relies on peer-to-peer technology; handling transactions and issuing digital coins is done collectively across the network. Crypto is an open source, has a public design, no one owns or controls it, and anybody can contribute.

If you’re looking for a thrill and want to purchase a cryptocurrency, several possibilities are available to you. The traditional option is to obtain a BTC wallet, which is an electronic wallet in which coins are held. For this, there are a number of options. The wallet has a public account number and a private key for locking it. To avoid being a victim of identity theft, investors should secure their computers.

Another alternative is to open a trading account with one of the many bitcoin exchanges. In this situation, the coins are held on the platform rather than on your computer or phone.

Suppose you have opened your own blockchain/bitcoin wallet and have a corresponding balance on your balance. In that case, you can continue with the deposit on the sportsbook platform. The crypto payment with the bookmaker checkout is not really difficult.

Whether you make a bet in BTC, LTC, Ripple, ETH, or Dash, for each digital currency, you first have to take money from your bank and exchange it. You can pay as usual everywhere else.

Step 1: Create a Digital Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is an online wallet that allows you to store and execute transactions with your coins. It’s essentially the same concept as your own bank account, only decentralized. The wallet is used for network validations when you decide to use BTC. The point is that every wallet contains secret information called a “private key” that is used to validate all transactions and must be kept safe offline.

There are two types of wallets called hot wallets and cold ones. Hot wallets are used to speed up transactions, which makes online bet placing more convenient. In contrast, a cold wallet is a safer way to store your digital currency for a longer period of time.

Step 2: Buy Crypto Coins

The next step is to sign up with a currency exchange. Exchanges work similarly to your bank, where you need to pass KYC verification to buy BTC. The most sought-after exchange systems are Binance, Kraken, and Bitfinex, where you can enroll and buy your first coins.

After passing the verification process, you need to connect to your real fiat money source and fund your account. Once your account is funded, you need to convert your fiat money into digital currency and buy bitcoin.

  • Sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange and verify your account.
  • Connect your fiat money source and make a deposit.
  • Exchange or trade fiat money for Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, etc.

Step 3: Register on the Online Platform

The next step to take is to sign up at any cryptocurrency website of your choice. Before taking this step, it is important that you have done all your background checks on the website and they must have ticked all your boxes.

Before you choose an account to create a profile with, make sure the website has the option of digital currency of your choice as a deposit option and they also have your favorite sports. All you have to do to create an account is to provide your email address.

Step 4: Choose Crypto

Right after you create an account with the cryptocurrency website of your choice, you will be required to make a deposit before you start gambling. In this case, you will be asked to choose the deposit option that suits you.

Most cryptocurrency betting sites also have options of depositing with fiat currencies, so you need to be very careful when you are picking your deposit option. Right after you choose cryptocurrency as your banking method, you will have to choose among all the types available too.

Step 5: Get the Crypto Wallet Address

To deposit bitcoin or any other digital currency on the bookmaker site of your choice, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Deposit section in your profile.
  • Select the Crypto option.
  • Generate your unique bitcoin address and send your bitcoin.
  • Email the exact amount and your TX ID.
  • After confirmation, the amount will be credited to your account.

Step 6: Deposit to the Crypto Sportsbook

Once your bitcoin transfer is complete, the funds will be converted to EUR, USD, or GBP and credited to your account. To make a transfer to your preferred bookmaker account and start betting, you need to follow the next few steps:

  • Go to the Transfer section of your profile.
  • Choose to transfer from your wallet to your favorite bookmaker.
  • Enter the desired amount and click Transfer.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your transfer is complete.

Step 7: Place Bets on a Desired Event

Now you have completed the process and you are ready to start btc betting. The broker accounts offered by the website gives the player access to the best odds.

What is left is for you to choose your favorite sport, look for the best bet options, and place your bets. You can easily choose from a wide range of sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, NFL, esports, etc.

Bonuses for Crypto Newcomers

Sports betting providers often advertise bonus offers to attract new users and customers. By doing so, certain incentives are set, which favor the members of the website. These rewards are intended to get more active membership with the provider. The commonest ones are the new customer bonus or deposit bonus, but there are other types of betting offers that you should know as a new bettor:

Deposit bonus: The deposit bonus, as the name implies, consists of the user receiving a gift from the provider after making a deposit, which increases his or her balance. This is usually in the form of betting first deposit bonus, which can also be understood as a new customer bonus.

However, there is always a deposit bonus for existing customers, for example, as part of major sporting events or promotional campaigns. The deposit bonus is usually defined as a percentage of the deposit and has a maximum amount.

New customer bonus: In order to win interested parties as new clients, betting providers use new customer bonuses, also known as a starter bonus or sign-up bonus. This is usually paid out after the first deposit with a certain minimum amount. This reward can be paid out in the form of a fixed amount or a percentage bonus with a maximum value.

In addition, a new customer bonus can be subject to a certain turnover requirement, so it may have to be used several times before a payout can be made.

Free bet: The free bet is common among betting providers with cryptocurrency. This type of bonus can be used both as a new customer bonus or as a bonus for existing customers. Since the bet is free, one could also speak of placing a risk-free bet.

However, it is important to note that the wager remains the property of the sportsbook; in the event of a bet win, this must be deducted to determine the bettor’s net profit.

No Deposit Bonus: Bonuses without a deposit are promotions in which the bettor is given an advantage without incurring any costs. This can be in the form of better odds, free bets, or additional credit – but is relatively rare in practice.

Mobile bookmaker bonus: “Mobile-first” is also a hot trend in betting; in other words, most users place bets on their smartphone (or tablet), not their PC. As top-rated providers want to incentivize the use of their apps, an exclusive mobile bonus is often offered. So, it is only offered via the corresponding application. This type of reward is usually found as a deposit bonus or free bet.

Cash back bonus: Cash back bonuses are used by online crypto bookmakers as a type of loyalty bonus or loyalty discount. It rewards active bettors’ loyalty (particularly in the case of lost bets) and links them to the platform. A payback incentive might be in the form of a one-time fixed payment or a percentage of recent wagers, which is more typical.

For example, as a tiny payback bonus, a bettor could receive 10% of the stake of the previous five losing bets. However, any conceivable bonus conditions or restrictions must be adhered to.

Crypto Betting on Sports Is Safe?

The question can be answered with a clear “yes”, although the providers are not registered in the European Union. The crypto bookmakers are all licensed and meet the necessary security standards. The necessary importance is attached to responsible gaming and data protection.

As already mentioned, digital currencies are extremely reliable as a payment method. Therefore, the best crypto betting sites are excellent solutions for those who want to gamble as safely as possible. Since you don’t share a lot of information when you do this, you don’t have to worry about someone stumbling upon your personal information. All transactions are conducted anonymously using blockchain technology. Therefore, there is no risk that you will come across any scams related to your game account.

Remember to choose a unique password with each new bookmaker to prevent anyone from gaining access to all of your accounts. Many online bookmakers allow you to use two-step authentication, so you cannot log into the gaming account without first confirming the login with your mobile phone.

Crypto Betting on Sports Is Legal?

First, crypto sports betting is legal. At its core, Bitcoin is just a means of payment, like any other currency. Placing BTC bets is therefore subject to exactly the same laws as other bets. In addition, this deposit method is not only considered safe but one of the safest of all payment methods in existence today.

If you decide on a bookmaker with a European license, you can bet without any problems. The providers are subject to strict requirements and are also regularly checked by the regulatory authority and other independent testing organizations. Accordingly, every betting fan can rely on the fact that all payment methods offered are in alignment with the applicable law.

It is therefore necessary for the first payout to go through the verification process – as with all other payment options. This means that the bettor must first verify their data to be able to make deposits and withdrawals for their crypto bets without restrictions. Because of this legal provision, money laundering is impossible.

Crypto Transactions Are Anonymous?

BTC providers have become popular due to the desire to bet anonymously with crypto coins. However, legal regulations of the EU (KYC, AML) stipulate that proof of identity must be provided at the latest when the payment is made. There is hardly any provider where it is possible to bet completely anonymously.

Bitcoin and Co. are described as anonymous payment options, so it is possible to make payments completely anonymously but everyone should take a closer look because crypto sports betting only grants a certain degree of anonymity. Because of the strict requirements of the regulatory authorities, the contact details must be confirmed after registration. The only exception is the providers who are not licensed under European law – every customer runs the direct risk of rip-off and fraud.

In addition, the acquisition of digital currencies is not anonymous. This is because the contact details have to be entered. A video or photo ID is often required so that the crypto wallet can only be assigned to this person. But still, the data is safe compared to conventional payment options, because sensitive bank and credit card data are not necessary.

Do Sportsbooks Allow You to Pay out in Crypto?

Yes, the majority (in fact, almost all) of the deposit options will process your deposit instantly. This is only because it is in the interest of the online platform to receive your money quickly. You will notice that they are not very quick when it comes to cashing out your winnings. Even the fastest traditional currency payment options, such as bank transfers, can take up to 24 hours to process your withdrawals. Withdrawals with crypto are generally much faster, usually processed in less than ten minutes.

As digital currency is a decentralized system, you can transact around the clock all year round. This is also one of its biggest advantages. This pref has also caused the crypto to become one of the most efficient means of payment for those transacting internationally.

It is also interesting to know that no commissions are charged for paying with bitcoins. The deposit is instant. Banks do not participate in monetary transactions, which greatly simplifies payment. For new players, crypto sports betting sites set low deposit amounts. The amount can be broken down into the smallest hundredths of a coin.