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BitcoinBitcoin Poker takes the fun in classic poker titles to the next level. Gamblers who play these games enjoy massive bonuses, fast payouts, and all the other benefits that blockchain currencies have. More people in the US and around the world are stashing digital blockchain currencies for different reasons. If you have some crypto, or you need to bypass restrictions on offshore gambling, then Crypto Poker is the way to go.

BTC Poker is essentially just your regular casino game, but your withdrawals and deposits are processed on a blockchain. Using cryptocurrencies to process your casino transactions has many advantages, which will be highlighted later. Some easy benefits you can already figure out are safety and anonymity. These two features could be very important when gambling online.

In the same way, regular casino games come with a lot of variety for gamblers to choose from; you also get variety when playing Bit Coin Poker. Gambling lovers who are familiar with regular poker would already know about all the variations of the game. If you’re new to this, prepare to be entertained in the world of BTC Poker.

You can enjoy Cash Tables or Sit and Go Tables when playing Bitcoin video poker. These variations have different rules and strategies, and you should get familiar with them before you start. The options of the game that you get to try are determined by the Bitcoin poker platforms that you play your games on.

Making a decision on which site with your crypto games on is very significant. This list of the best bitcoin poker sites is a good place to start from. There are many things to consider when selecting the right website. Here are some things that were taken into account.

Casino reputation is the most important factor to consider. A casino with a good reputation for reliability and excellent service is a great option. It keeps them in check and gives you a safer experience while gambling. Also, the ideal betting site to enjoy your favorites on must have extensive support for cryptocurrencies. BTC and a considerable number of altcoins should be accepted on the betting platform. Furthermore, they must offer generous bonuses. When gambling, additional rewards could make the difference between taking home a profit or suffering a loss. Every punter deserves some bonuses for playing.

There is a lot to think about when entering the world of playing online poker with Bitcoin. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know to get started.

Websites that Accept BTC & Crypto for Poker Games?

Today, there are many websites and apps for punters to try online games for money. But finding the best Bitcoin Poker sites can be a challenge for some users. This list is a great place to select your new gambling platform from. After extensive research, these were found to be the best options available today.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino was launched in 2016, and in this short period, it has risen to become one of the top betting sites around. It is especially popular in the crypto poker environment. You can place your bets here in your preferred digital currency. The platform also accepts credit and debit cards, but of course, it comes with a charge.

This website has all the popular variants of your favorite BTC games and new titles too. There are also a ton of online tournaments running every week, with their total reward reaching up to a million dollars.


BetOnline is widely known to be on the list of the best Bitcoin poker sites. Make your deposits using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This variety means more gamblers can easily make deposits and start gambling here.

The betting site is popular for its sit-and-go games. This part of the casino is stacked with a variety of games for players to exploit for huge payouts. BetOnline was launched in 2012 and quickly made a name for itself in the online casino space. Their reputation and generous bonuses are a good reason to gamble on their site.


Bovada has been around for a very long time, specifically since the early 2000s. Very few online casinos have been able to prove themselves over such a long period. This betting site started out with just sports betting options and casino games. Since they started running a Poker room, they have risen very fast in the industry.

You can make deposits and withdrawals here in BTC or as a regular USD payment. With just $25, you can play sit-and-go games, cash tables, and participate in tournaments. On registration, new users can get rewards of up to $250.


BetUS offers many interesting games to gamblers. While the betting platform does not have a dedicated poker room, it has all the interesting variations of the game you can think of. Of course, the site accepts payment in BTC. You can also make your deposits and complete withdrawals with Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and other coins.

With the right promo codes, gamblers can get up to $5,000 in bonuses. These are the reasons why many gamblers choose to play on BetUS.


This betting site has been meeting gamblers’ needs since as far back as 1996. Intertops has successfully built such a solid reputation for itself over decades. Today, this online casino is comfortably in the league of the best bitcoin poker sites available in the US.

As a result of the large customer base that Intertops has built over the years, there are lots of variations of table games for players to select from.

What Are the Advantages of Playing with Bitcoin?

Playing casino games with digital currencies is becoming a common practice across the world now. Here are some benefits that are provoking this new behavior.

Fast Transactions

Blockchain transactions are not being processed by any centralized authority, so they can be completed in a very short time. These transactions are usually processed instantly. Depending on the currency and the traffic on its blockchain network at the time, some transactions might take more than a few seconds. However, they are still a very fast way to deposit and withdraw money.


Crypto wallets do not save your details with your name or social identification number. Instead, they use a unique set of random characters to identify your account. This is your wallet address. Since transactions are completed using this set of keys instead of your official name, then the payments you make here are completely anonymous. No central financial authority has the details to observe that completed the transaction. Your anonymity is even more guaranteed when you use a decentralized blockchain wallet.


Depositing and withdrawing money using Bitcoin is a secure way to transfer your money to and from your betting site. Fraudulent websites have stolen users’ credit/debit card information in the past. There are many loopholes with the traditional payment systems available today, especially for players using offshore gambling sites. While cryptocurrencies are not 100% safe from bad actors, you can be guaranteed a sufficient amount of safety if you use basic security measures.

Always Available

Blockchain transactions are completed online on a service that does not take holidays or downtime. The blockchains are always there for you to access and complete your transitions whenever you want. They also do not require ID verification or any other complicated process that traditional banks usually demand from users. You can fund and withdraw from your blockchain wallet without stress and at any time.

What Are the Drawbacks of Playing with Bitcoin?

Without a doubt, BTC is great to fund accounts and withdraw from betting sites. But even though this practice has many benefits, it also has some disadvantages. These are some of the most prominent demerits you should be aware of.

Unregulated Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are largely unregulated. They exist on self-executing software, and human actors (miners) only verify transactions on the chain. There are no strict regulations governing how payments are made or rules of fairness between two users. On the one hand, this is great because you get to make money transfers without government influence or control.

However, on the other hand, this puts you at risk. If you are dealing with a fraudulent betting site, they could cheat you, and you would have no way of getting your money back. To prevent this, you should only pay attention to games in reputable and licensed casinos.

High Volatility

BTC and the rest of the crypto world are highly volatile. Fiat currencies like the Dollar are fairly stable. Their prices are not likely to suddenly rise or fall by a huge margin overnight. However, this is what happens in the crypto field. A currency could lose half of its worth overnight, and the price fall could be caused by some insignificant event somewhere around. As a result of this, holding digital currencies or withdrawing them at the wrong time could result in a loss for you.

Untraceable and Irreversible

Finally, BTC transactions are irreversible. One core feature of blockchains is that they are immutable. This means that their records cannot be deleted or edited. If you send BTC to the wrong address, you can’t get it back unless you somehow find the person, and they agree to return the money. Transactions here are also untraceable because users’ wallets are anonymized, and public records only display the wallet’s public address.

How to Choose the Best BTC Poker Sites?

There are different factors to be considered when deciding which betting site to play online poker with bitcoin. The casino you gamble in goes a long way to determine whether you profit or lose while betting. These are some important things to look out for before you make your first deposit and start making bets there.

Reputation and Licensing

Reputation and licensing are very critical because they are what actually protect you from being scammed while gambling. Licenses from proper regulatory bodies help to keep casinos in check. Your betting site cannot just act anyhow they like to you as a customer; you have rights, and they have a legal duty to play their part in giving you a great experience while using the platform. If they fail to do this, they could be fined or lose their license. Losing a license would mean losing lots of users’ trust, which in turn translates to losing a lot of money.

The casino’s reputation protects users in a very similar manner. Betting sites with a good reputation have to protect the pattern of trust they have built with customers over many years. Failure to do this would also cause the platform to lose clients’ trust and then a lot of money.

Secure Payments and Generous Bonuses

When selecting a gambling site to use, you should ensure that you are comfortable with their payment and withdrawal options. Some casinos have some extra requirements for withdrawals. It is important to get familiar with the terms and conditions of the platform before you make your first deposit. Also, their payment systems must be safe. Gamblers should be able to withdraw and deposit money without any complications.

The same thing goes for bonuses. There are so many gambling sites around that it would be wrong for you to choose one that doesn’t give you the generous bonuses you deserve.

Customer Service

The customer service system on the gambling site must be top-notch. It is almost impossible for players not to encounter any problems when trying games online for money. Top casinos have good customer service to properly address punters’ complaints and inquiries. Ensure the betting site has a support program that is available either round-the-clock or at least for most hours of the day.

Player Traffic

When you are playing games like Bitcoin poker, you need other participants in the game. A betting site with low traffic cannot give you other real gamblers to play with. In a casino with large traffic, you can select any variation of the game of your choice, and you would find real contestants already there to gamble with.

Registration and Deposits on Bitcoin Poker Sites

Just as it is with your regular games, to play crypto poker, you need to follow some basic algorithm. When you have completed these basic steps, you will be able to stake some BTC for a chance of winning more in the game.

First, you need to find a trusted betting site that has the game you’re interested in. The important things to beware of have been highlighted earlier. Ensure the online platform checks all these boxes before you put down your details for registration or complete a BTC deposit there. In addition to these, ensure they have the products you’re looking for. You could try the game for free to see if it matches your style before you start making money bets.

Once you have found your preferred betting site, you have to get registered with the casino. This process is usually different across casinos. Generally, websites need users to sign up, so they can be identified from other players and to prevent fraud on the platform.

Some houses request only basic details like your name, email address, and some other personal information that can be filled in on the spot. Other casinos might request a lot more than these. You might need to verify your identity, address, and payment information before you can get started. The license that regulates the betting site often determines how stringent the registration process has to be.

When you’re signing up for a gambling website, you shouldn’t put in false details. Most of the time, in your agreement with the casino, you recognize their right to verify users’ identities whenever they want to. If, at the point of account verification, you cannot prove that you are who you say you are, your account would be restricted and possibly closed.

After registration, you need to make a deposit and start playing for real money. Websites have their unique processes for making deposits. However, the process is always easy to follow. First, choose your preferred digital currency for the deposit. After this, you copy the address provided, and from your crypto wallet, you transfer your deposit to the account.

Now you are ready to start gambling. The process for withdrawal also follows these similar basic steps. However, for some casinos, before you can complete your first withdrawal, you would need to verify your account details.

BTC Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

When you use your credit/debit cards or any traditional financial institution to gamble, they usually put a limit on how much you can use in a casino. With crypto, this is far from the case. Since BTC is unregulated itself, users can transfer any amount of their choice to an interested buyer at any time. So essentially, Bitcoin does not limit your transactions in any way. Once you have the money, you can use it however you want. No amount is too big or too small here. However, while the blockchain processes any transaction, centralized exchanges do not. If your Bitcoin is on a centralized exchange, it might have transaction restrictions. The minimum amount is different across exchanges, so you should check yours to see what their minimum requirement is.

Also, since you are dealing with betting sites with their interests, they have limits on every transaction you can make. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals. Platforms use these limits to control the payments made, in order to ensure that their system is still profitable.

The exact limits you would be bound to depend on the betting site you use. Some casinos can have their minimum deposit requirement at $10 worth of Bitcoin. Many popular houses place theirs at $20. And at the same time, some websites can place their minimum requirement as high as $50 or even more.

Before you start gambling on any platform, it is very important to read their payment guidelines. If you would have a good time gambling on any site, you have to be comfortable with their transaction rules.

Bonus Offers with Bitcoin Poker

The best Bitcoin Poker sites offer generous bonuses to players. Bonuses are essential in the gambling industry. On the part of the casino, it’s a good incentive to keep users actively playing on their site. Also, for the players, bonuses give that extra money or chance at betting for more when gambling. That bonus cash or free spin reward might give you the reward you need to come out of the casino with profit in your hands. If the platform you’re playing on does not give you good compensation, you should find another place to enjoy your games.

It is almost a rule now that every house should have a welcome bonus. While their exact offers differ, their rewards are always the same type. The betting site could offer you a percentage increase on your deposit. In some casinos, it could be 50%, and some could go as high as 150%. There is always a cash limit on these percentage bonuses. Some operators could also offer you free spins or free round bets.

Bonuses are really attractive, but you should read the terms and conditions of any bonus you agree to before you activate it. Reading the conditions puts you in a good place to properly understand the bonus you are receiving and whether it is in your interest to activate it.

One common condition on all betting bonuses is wagering requirements. These terms dictate how much you would have to have bet on the site before you can withdraw the bonus. It makes sense because the casino doesn’t want new users to just withdraw the bonus and leave. There are other rules like the expiry date of the bonus, the games they can be played in, and lots more that you should read about before you activate the bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is crypto gambling illegal?

No, crypto gambling is legal. Think of crypto as being just another payment method in a casino. In the same way, you can make your deposit in dollars with your credit card; you can also make a crypto deposit.

However, some forms of gambling are illegal in some regions. Since crypto is unregulated, some betting sites could accept deposits and process withdrawals with cryptocurrency. This way, they are able to provide those illegal gambling services for players without the government noticing. This form of gambling is illegal. If you are participating in any form of gambling that is illegal in your country, you are acting outside the law. But it is not making payments and withdrawals in cryptocurrency that makes it illegal.

Is it safe to play bitcoin poker?

Yes, bitcoin poker is a safe game to play. What really matters is the betting site where you choose to play your games. Crypto transactions are publicly saved on a blockchain ledger, and they are also immutable. This means the crypto payment system is safe. However, if your betting site is fraudulent, you could end up on the losing side.

When choosing a betting site to play on, you should take note of some important tips. First, the site must have a good reputation for treating customers right and paying appropriately. They must also be registered and properly licensed. Furthermore, the player traffic on their site should be high. All these help ensure that you are safe.

Can I get bonuses while playing crypto poker?

Yes, there are lots of bonuses available. The best bitcoin poker sites always reward players with bonuses from time to time. The betting site determines how much you get in bonuses every time you play. Select a betting site that gives you the type of rewards you are interested in. Before you accept a bonus from a casino site, ensure you properly understand the requirements that are attached.

Is crypto gambling actually anonymous?

To a very large extent, crypto gambling is anonymous. You are only known where you choose to give out your details. For instance, if you fill in your details on a site where you are paying with crypto, at that point, you are no longer anonymous to the betting site. However, the transaction is still completed anonymously because no central organization has the record that it was you who completed that transaction at that time. So, compared to regular traditional financial payment methods, crypto transactions are anonymous.

However, there are limits to the anonymity you would get from a crypto payment. Every transaction made on a blockchain is publicly published. So your wallet address is shared publicly, and anyone can see the transaction history that has been completed from that address.

Is crypto gambling better than regular poker?

Crypto gambling offers some extra advantages that you can’t get from regular poker. One, for instance, is anonymity. Your transactions are made from anonymous crypto wallets without your name on them, Also, crypto transactions are faster. While gambling with BTC, you can make a deposit now and start playing your bet some minutes or a few seconds after.

Furthermore, BTC transactions are secure. There is a permanent record of all transactions stored on the Blockchain public ledger. So your transfers are publicly recorded, and your withdrawals cannot be reversed. This makes BTC gambling safe for users.

However, there are still some areas where regular betting beats BTC gambling. You should do some more research to find out which payment method suits you more.

What is the minimum amount required when playing online BTC poker?

Bitcoin transactions do not have any requirements attached. You can transfer any amount you want to transfer on the blockchain. However, this limitless transfer option can be limited by two factors. First is your wallet provider. If you are using a centralized exchange to hold your Bitcoin and facilitate your transfers, there would be a limit on the minimum and/or maximum amounts you can transfer. Note that it is not the blockchain that enforces this rule, but your exchange wallet.

The other factor that would limit the amount you can transfer is the betting site you are using to play your games. Some sites have minimum deposit requirements that limit players. Sometimes, it can be as low as $10 or $25, and at the same time, some sites have their minimum deposits at $50 or $100.

Is ID verification a requirement for Bitcoin gambling?

The answer to this depends on the betting site you patronize. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, but the betting site might want to verify your identity before you can make withdrawals or even before your first deposit. This is actually the case with many reputable gambling websites around. These casinos are licensed, and their license requires them to run a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) verification on all their users. You might need to upload a photo of an ID or a utility bill. Some websites could request that you hold the ID and take a photo of your face showing. However, once you verify your identity, your account is ready for deposits, betting, and withdrawals without any hassle.