Lucky Crypto, as an online retailer, has released an exclusive series of NFTs – Lucky Degens. Owners of Lucky Degen NFTs, presented in two varieties, OG Collection and Jungle Animal Collection, will be presented with a number of perks and extra offers.

Gamblers would get the opportunity to prize one or more NFTs by trying the first NFT slot in the datacenter. The slot machine is located at the Lucky Degens Embassy in Decentraland, and is currently available to gamble up to 10 times a day.

However, Lucky Degen NFT holders are permitted up to 50 games daily, further maximizing their opportunity to get one more NFT.

Jungle Animal Collection and OG Collection provide perks that extend to VIP admission to restricted games and tournaments, 25% cashback, free spins, and a variety of other benefits.

Also, NFTs offer a $LUCKY ethereal token that can be used to pay at various online casinos and on the Lucky Crypto platform.

The OG Collection proposes extra perks, including a free monthly issue of NFT’s Jungle Animal Collection.

The Lucky Crypto Embassy in Densetraland is a part of the site’s long-term strategy to create a chain of casinos in the metavirtual universe.

Lucky Crypto leverages an engaging gameplay experience based on the stories of the metaviverse to develop fellowship and contribute to the meta-universe.

The OG collection will be released on June 24, 2022, and the Jungle Animal collection will be available in July 2022. New NFT Jungle Animals will be published monthly until January 2023.

Because of U.S. gambling regulations, Lucky Degens and Lucky Crypto are limited to U.S. users.


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